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5 ways to make it easier on your bad flare day

Although flaring up sucks, there are still some ways to make your life easier on those days.

1. Thanks to technology, food delivery has never been easier

Remember the old days? When Lupus flared and you were fighting the pain alone and you lost, ended up starving on your bed.

This is never gonna happen again if you have a credit card and a little strength to order a delivery from any of the delivery apps.

And don't you dare to calculate the calories or whatever, your body is on a battle, treat yourself better, JUST EAT WHATEVER YOU CRAVE.

2. Stop explaining why you are sleeping that much, JUST SLEEP!

Grab your comfiest pillow and blanky and SLEEP!!!!!!! Whenever and wherever you want to.

Fatigue is a worldwide approved symptom of Lupus, this indescribable tiredness will just submerge you during a flare. Your body is already too busy fighting itself, don't give it an extra burden by explaining to someone who will never understand why you're being LAZY and UNPRODUCTIVE.

You can never please everyone, try to please yourself first. #notetoself

3. Enjoy the luxurious ME time

When was the last time you were doing things only for yourself?

Sometimes, a little bit of selfishness is the key to a happier life. Most of the time we have way too little attention to ourselves. Utilize your rest time/ sick leave, do nice and chill kind of stuff you don't always have time to do!

‧Enjoy the time doing nothing, maybe staring at the ceiling while you are poping all those snacks in your mouth

‧ Put on a hydration face mask while your are binge-watching Netflix

‧Hot bubble bath to loosen up your body and soul

‧Read the book that you started long ago but never have time to finish

And more…..

4. Rearranging your tasks and schedule

The worse feeling coming after the crazy flare is always the feeling of “EVERYTHING IS OUT OF CONTROL”. As a control freak, I totally understand that, especially when a flare means cancellation of appointments and postponing tasks.

So whenever you feel like it, rearranging your coming tasks meetings. It gives you a feeling of gaining control of your life once again.

* Warning: Try your best to block some rest time. Cancelling the same task again because of the tiredness or a Lupus flare are the worst feeling EVER.

5.CRY if you want to. “It’s okay to be not okay”

Crying is not equivalent to weakness, you need to let it out. Holding it in may trigger another flare, we all know well enough Lupus is stress-related.

Crying on some bad days doesn’t mean you are weak. Maybe you have been staying strong for too long, and you just need a break. It is completely fine to have negative thoughts and be emotional sometimes, we are all human being, don’t be too harsh to yourself like life is not tough enough. <3

As a lupus patient, it is important to find some ways to get along with your illness, so that you won’t be too tired battling Lupus every day!


Sapphire @wolfnglitter

Maybe without lupus, we will be too perfect for the world. #shameless
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Carmela Fernandez
Carmela Fernandez
Mar 25, 2020

This is beautiful Sapphire! It's authentic and honest. I have much deeper understanding of what you go through. You are so brave for sharing! Thank you for inspiring me always because you truly are badass 💗💗 miss you loads! Stay safe always!

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